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Barnestorming #9838: Cyclades: Hades in Review, Devil May Cry, Nightbreed, Dirtbombs Barnestorming #9838: Cyclades: Hades in Review, Devil May Cry, Nightbreed, Dirtbombs Hot

cycladeshades Cyclades can go to hell!

On the Table

Finally got around to checking out the Hades expansion to Cyclades, and the sum of my review is that it’s too expensive and not really all that essential. It’s good, and if you play the game a lot it may be worthwhile. But I wouldn’t rush out to get it.

The best thing about it, really, is that it got Cyclades back to the table. That’s one of those games like Claustrophobia that I actually have grown to like more now than when it was new. Not that I gave Cyclades a bad review in any way, but in retrospect it probably should have made the GotY shortlist.

Still working on Destined Hero and now I’ve got Stronghold’s new ones heading inbound. Seems like we’re in a bit of a drought right now, not much exciting coming out. Kind of a relief after nearly a year of there always being something new and interesting coming out.

On the Consoles

Patiently waiting for The Witcher 2 to hit the 360 next week- very excited. I’ve been biding my time mostly by playing the Devil May Cry HD collection. I missed them back in the day (the first one is from 2001!) and I was kind of worried they’d be terribly dated…but the interesting thing is that instead of feeling dated they feel _refreshing_. No DLC, no preorder bonuses, no marketing stunts, no online passes…nothing but pure gameplay, surprisingly good graphics for the time (updated to 1080p), and just plain video game goodness without any mod cons, for what those are worth.

The first one holds up extremely well, even though it’s fairly limited. You can really tell that it was built from the bones of a scrapped alpha of an abandoned version of Resident Evil 4. Like the first RE games, it has that whole thing where the setting and environment are the main character. It also has the fixed camera angles. Even some of the same sound effects. But instead of tank-like Jill and Chris, you’ve got Dante flipping and stabbing everywhere.

I’m really, really enjoying it. I miss games like this- just solid video games where the story told is what you do, not what’s shown to you. It’s tough too, with unforgiving save points, expendable items, and absolutely no hand-holding. Bayonetta is obviously the evolution of these kinds of games (and it’s directed by series creator Kamiya), but the old games are still good.

I hear the second one stinks, but I’m going to play it anyway. The third too. And then I’ll finally beat the fourth. The new trailer for the reboot, DMC looks awesome. Hey, I guess I’m now a Devil May Cry fan.

Played the Skullgirls demo. Went through one match and deleted it immediately. Absolute trash. Not Fight for Life on the Atari Jaguar bad…but pretty bad.


Nightfall, duh. I am absofuckinglutely terrible at it. If you want to beat the shit out of someone, send me an invite. I don’t know what it is, I can’t win a game to save my life. I can beat the AI, but in the wild…I’m done. Great, great app. Playdek really outdid themselves with the implementation, but the supplemental material could be better. Having played the physical game, I didn’t have trouble with it like some others have had. I’m just not any good at it.

It really breaks the spirit to see eight wounds go into your deck in one turn, I tell ya.

On the Screen

Nightbreed is one of those movies that is so “almost” but not quite. Great ideas abound. Modern-day monsters living under a cemetery? I am on board. David Cronenberg playing a serial-killing psychiatrist? In my wheelhouse. Clive Barker? Yep.

But it just doesn’t come together, it has that cheap-and-dated 1990 feel throughout. I’ve heard that there was studio tinkering involved, and some conflicting expectations. Apparently there’s a 145 minute cut out there somewhere.

I do like it- it’s a unique, one-of-a-kind film and there’s some really cool bits- and I actually like how it combines traditional, folklore-like monsters with more modern slasher horror even though that was apparently against Barker’s vision for the film. There’s smart stuff under the surface, but it feels like it was made at the wrong time by the wrong people with not enough money. Fun fact- Ralph McQuarrie did some of the production design.

On Spotify

Back when I worked at the CDC, I’d always see this broke down Saab with these giant, homemade Radio Birdman logo stickers on them. I thought “that’s pretty crazy”. Then one day, I saw my boss get into that car. I was blown away, because he DID NOT look like the kind of person that would have any clue who Radio Birdman was. Come to find out, he was really into proto-punk and garage rock. Huge Stooges/MC5/Dolls fan and so forth. Anyway, he gave me a couple of records and I gave him some too (he had never heard The Fall, somehow). One of the ones he gave me was The Dirtbombs’ “Ultraglide in Black”. I forgot I really liked this record, and hearing “Chains of Love” on the Driver: San Francisco soundtrack got me to listen to it again.

Now, I usually don’t care for cover records. But when your cover record is an absolutely scorching set of classic R&B tracks turned into rocking, fuzzed-out rave-ups played with go-for-broke enthusiasm…I can get behind that. “Chains of Love” is an amazing cut, it’s a cover of an obscure Detroit soul track by J.J. Barnes, not the Erasure song. Their take on Stevie Wonder’s “Livin’ For the City” is great, as is their “Got to Give it Up”. A fun, scorching record…I actually missed seeing the Dirtbombs opening the last time I saw TV on the Radio, and I kind of regret it. I also kind of regret not buying their t-shirt that was a spoof of Bauhaus’ Bela Lugosi’s Dead cover.

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Comments (14)
  • avatarmikecl

    Good review Michael. I traded for Cyclades a couple of months ago. It IS a great little game -- one that even my wife likes to play and she's really, really good at it.

    We haven't exhausted all this game's options and I was in my FLGS recently and saw the expansion, but when I saw the price, I bought Lords of Waterdeep instead which was actually CHEAPER. Thanks for the review. It's nice to know I'm not missing anything.

  • avatarevilgit

    Agreed. I picked up the base game a few months back and it's my most played game for 2012. Doesn't sound like I need this expansion. If anything, I'd like to see an alternate Mythological Creature deck. I feel like I need to unleash the Occupy Wall Street crowd on the Mythological Creatures deck since 10% of the creatures control 90% of the money.

  • avatarDukeofChutney

    i actually traded off my copy of Cyclades for Ares Project in the last few week or so. I think its a really well designed tight and thematic game, but for some reason i didn't get much turn by turn satisfaction from it.

    Also Ares Project is awesome

  • avatarmikko_r

    Mick Collins is the man, everything from The Gories to Blacktop to King Sound Quartet to The Dirtbombs is greatness. As is In the Red Records back catalogue.

  • avatarSuperflyTNT

    Michael, have you checked out the promos for Cyclades on BGG? I'd love to hear about those.

  • avatarmrmarcus

    Ah, Nightbreed. One of my favorites growing up just because of how weird it was. I think it might have done better with a different lead, despite the problems with the story.

  • avatarShellhead

    Nightbreed had some pacing problems. At times, there wasn't anything really happening, it was more like just a stroll through a carnival freak show.

  • avatarMichael Barnes

    Yeah, it's really not so much a pacing problem's more like the movie is just really under-written.

    But coming from Hellraiser- which was also under-written for stylish effect- it makes sense. The problem is that Barker had envisioned Nightbreed as a kind of horror movie Star Wars. The scope of the writing, the scenario, the characters, and so forth don't meet up with that goal at all.

    The leads definitely don't help- terminally uninteresting people with bad hair.

    Every time I think about buying promos from BGG, I fill up a cart and then balk when I realize that I'm spending $25 for a couple of cards..."free" promo cards. Their flat $5 shipping PER ITEM is bullshit. I ordered the King of Tokyo cards and they shipped for like a dollar. But I paid $5 for them. So no, I haven't checked them out. I don't much like the racket they run with that stuff.

  • avatarJexik

    What's the learning curve like on Hades? I've only played the base game twice, and I don't own it. I lost both times in spectacular faction (don't try to be in first right away!) But it's a game I won't turn down if offered. If they're running this, should I be able to jump right on in?

  • avatarMichael Barnes

    I think you could slot in the new stuff without much of a learning curve. Hades really just adds another military/naval phase with temporary units and the Necropolis building. The treasrues, divine favors, new monsters, and heroes aren't really that big a deal to add in either. Everything remains systematic, but there are more situational abilities involved that may not be exploited to their fullest potential by newer players.

  • avatarSuperflyTNT


    (There's a way around that, too, FYI. They put the shit on Ebay and combine shipping. I got my Survive! expansions from them)

  • avataraerodynamics

    Nightbreed also makes me think of Lord of Illusions -- two Clive Barker films that I loved the first time I saw them in the 90s, but haven't aged well when I've re-visited in recent years. Both have a lot of cool stuff, but just sort of miss being truly great.

    I'm finally feeling comfortable with what's going on in Nightfall on the iPad. I have a long way to go with strategy though. How does it play against a human opponent? It seems like there's enough interactivity that it might take a long time to play a single game (especially with more than two players).

  • ldsdbomber

    solid video games where the story told is what you do, not what’s shown to you


  • avatarBearn

    Yeah i traded my copy of Cyclades a while back due to a lack of larger numbers of players at the time. Actually i think i traded my copy to you Barnes :P. It's a good game but playing it two players wasn't all that good.

    I seriously hope Witcher 2 on console is better than the PC version which is basically unplayable IMO. I was never one to really enjoy this whole "porting to console" thing but the older i get the more i enjoy the elegance of a controler VS the damn clunky keyboard. Hopefully the camers will get better as well.

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