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Member Blogs

Written by: Lewis Pulsipher
It’s going to take a while to get to the point of buyers versus players: please bear with me.   In earlier posts I’ve wondered what the effect of free to play (F2P) video games would hav...
April 23th, 2013
Written by: Pete Ruth
#  I'd heard about Settlers of Catan a hundred billion times, at least, as it's widely called "The Fazzer Of Ze Euroz Gaming", and I've heard it panned by Ameritrash folks as a gaming atrocity. Alth...
April 21th, 2013
Written by: Jeffrey Luce
"I want to blow some shit up!" was the statement made by Uba in a post put up on The Fort earlier this week. Now normally when a person says this or, more foolishly, posts this on line,  the fiery a...
April 19th, 2013
Written by: Jeffrey Luce
Teaching a new game is a skill. I like to think I'm pretty good at it especially with games I know very well. Hell, I've taught games so often that I should hope I've developed some ability. I imagine mo...
April 12th, 2013
Written by: Dave Denton
Yes, tomorrow is a landmark in my life.  45 years ago from tomorrow, my mom was white knuckling some unfortunate nurse's or doctor's hand while she gave birth.  To me.  Do me a f...
April 7th, 2013
Written by: Jackwraith
#I owned a comic studio with a friend in the 90s during the black-and-white/indy explosion. We called ourselves 5th Panel Comics and we had a stable of artists throughout the Midwest doing creator-owned m...
April 7th, 2013
Written by: Jeffrey Luce
#This F:AT Thursday was mostly devoted to Matt and Josh doing the vocal work for the upcoming F:AT Cast. It's been close to a year since they put one out so it was cool to see them back at it. They tried ...
April 5th, 2013
Written by: Dave Denton
I try VERY hard not to talk politics.  However, when someone shoves an opinion in my face, I'm hard pressed not to say something.The other day, I was working an assembly line, and a very polished older ...
April 5th, 2013
Written by: Simon DeSmet
#  My observations; The Characteristics of Games by George Skaff, Elias, Richard Garfield and K. Robert Gutschera.       Its 04.20 am and I can't sleep. Usually when I can't sleep I read, and lately ...
April 3th, 2013
Written by: Lewis Pulsipher
Game Designer Survey Results   In the last half of December through the first part of February I distributed a survey for game designers on the Internet:  "This is a short (10 questions, five m...
April 1th, 2013
Written by: Jackwraith
#I probably wasn't going to get it at $60, since I've grown averse to roll-and-move games. I'm fine with Runebound, because you can move in more than two directions and adding one deck of cards can radica...
March 31th, 2013
Written by: Jeffrey Luce
#The adopted prince, and one-day prophet, stands covered in the dust of the construction site. Sweat rolls over his furrowed brow as he watches his people struggle to move the massive blocks before them. ...
March 29th, 2013
Written by: Pete Ruth
#  I started out thinking that Dungeon Command wasn't all that hot, that the system itself lacked tension, and that it simply wasn't much fun. I played with people who liked the same kinds of games ...
March 28th, 2013
Written by: Jeb Adams
#Dusted off my One Game Per Day blog for this entry. Game of the Day: RIDICULOUS FISHING   A friend (a genuine professional game reviewer person!) described it as "terrible" and "a bad des...
March 24th, 2013
Written by: Jeffrey Luce
#The Ionian Sea, normally a bright blue, is today an angry gray. The water roils and heaves as it breaks in fury against the pillar of stone that lies a short distance off the coast. A maiden shrieks in t...
March 22th, 2013
Written by: Simon DeSmet
# I've decided to start inflicting my opinions on a blog here. I will mostly cover stuff I don't see already here. I will mostly just discuss games, I don't have any specific objective in mind.   My ...
March 20th, 2013
Written by: Jeffrey Luce
  ConnCon, the convention that we North Eastern F:ATies have pretty much claimed as our own is about to wrap up and it was a damn good time. I arrived on Thursday and had a full four days of solid g...
March 19th, 2013
Written by: Pete Ruth
I'm not sure if it's because I'm cheap or because I'm a natural-born skeptic, but when it comes to gaming, I'm what one might call a "late adopter". I didn't get an Xbox 360 until 2010, I didn't start ...
March 17th, 2013
Written by: Jeffrey Luce
In the game, Fields of Fire, you take on the role of a company commander in the 9th US Infantry leading your men through various battles in World War II, Korea, or Vietnam. That sounds like pretty standa...
March 9th, 2013
Written by: Andrew
# The cool scent of dusk hovers, the sun will soon retire to silent slumber. The forest grows dark, but you are not fooled — under shadow lies life, and with breathe comes probable danger. You will...
March 8th, 2013
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