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  • avatarhancock.tom

    This picture was taken at this year's gathering, in between marathon agricola sessions.

  • avatarMichael Barnes

    I think they're playing a "filler" game of TO CROWN THE KING.

  • avatarJuniper

    I'm repeating a post to a similar thread just posted, but I feel this needs stronger words than indicated there.

    So here I was, reading a site about the horrible rape of Nanjing, in which Japanese soldiers would cut off women's breasts, among many other things then I log onto my g/f's computer (which does not feature AdBlock, and what do I see? A drinking straw pointed at a woman's breasts, looking for all the world like the sword of a Japanese imperial soldier.

    This ad is atrocious, and I publicly call for its removal from the site.

    AdBlock is a great tool, and it should be installed on all computers, but there is no excuse for going to a board game site and seeing something so offensive and unrelated on it.

  • avatarBlack Barney

    I'm glad I'm drinking different Kool-Aid

  • avatarJuniper

    Are you using a straw?

  • avatarMad Dog

    Pre-orders come with a bonus red cup!

  • avatarJuniper

    Fits any cup holder!

  • avatarMichael Barnes

    Put the BGG logo on that cup and DUDES WILL LOSE THEY MIND

  • avatarJuniper

    It's not just for drinking Kool-Aid from an obese lady's chest. It's also the dice cup for the ultra-rare EVONY THE BOARDGAME - THE DICE EXPANSION. You need this cup!

  • avatarMichael Barnes

    Do those "ladies" count as "lands" or "planets"?

  • avatarubarose
    Are you using a straw?

    If you know what I'n saying...

  • avatarJuniper

    If you've ever spoken to a doctor who works in ER, you'll know those straws lodge themselves in peculiar places. Please be careful.

  • avatarhancock.tom

    Two girls, one cup.

  • avatarBlack Barney

    omg, please someone put BGG on the cup. I wanna see the fireworks competition.

  • avatarmoss_icon

    there you go.

  • avatarcold_fuzion


    Funniest thing I've seen all damn day.

  • avatarMr. Bistro

    Brilliant! I almost pissed myself.

  • avatarsisteray


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