Lawnmower Man: "Hey meat people! Play NETRUNNER!"

Lawnmower Man: "Hey meat people! Play NETRUNNER!" Hot

Michael BarnesMichael Barnes   August 20, 2009  
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Ah...the mid 1990s. Probably the lowest point in the history of computer graphics. Everything was really shiny and extremely ugly.

NETRUNNER, although it's an incredible game that you should all try at least twice (once as the Runner, once as the Corporation), is plagued with some of the most hilariously awful CG artwork known to mankind. Whenever Billy Motion and I sit down to play a couple of rounds, we wind up spending half the time cracking up, passing cards across the table and saying "no, this has got to be the worst one".

But NETRUNNER is pretty great, and thinking about the asymmetry in ME:Q got me thinking about it. I think there's a big difference between the typical asymmetrical game, where resources or positions are divergent, and a truly asymmetrical game where you have players that essentially are playing games with unique rules and parameters tied together by linkage points that unify the systems. That's a pretty incredible design feat, I think, and when it works it can be something really special.

So this week at Cracked LCD it's a Games from the Crypt about the game, which remains one of the most criminally passed-over games in the history of the hobby.

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