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Cave Evil in Production and Pre-Order

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Cave Evil

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October 04, 2011

A game of Subterranean Necromancer Warfare

Each player assumes the position of a powerful Undead Ancient Lich who, utilizing an army of Hired Dungeon Denizens, Constructed Undead Atrocities, and Summoned Hellish Demons, vies to conquer all other Necromancers, or win the accolade of the Eternal Evil Emperor, who supplies all the Necromancers' darkest powers.

Each wizard, having crawled out of their own rotting necropolis, have set up their Lairs near The Pit, the source of Infinite Shadow. The players must invoke minions conjured from ancient shadow wisdom utilizing precious resources of Metals, Gore or Shadow Flame.

On a turn, a player has the opportunity to conjure knowledge and resources. With this forbidden knowledge and wealth he/she may invoke and control Squads of minions to do his/her bidding. Each Squad may conduct one action during a player's turn. Actions can very from digging further tunnels, to combat, to subduing creatures wandering the cavern tunnels and exploring the depths.

Only a single player can be powerful enough to harness the power of The Pit. The game can be won when only one remaining Necromancer stands. A Necromancer can be destroyed either in combat, or an enemy may venture into their Lair and crush the wizard's life source, a Chthonic Crystal. It is a game of elimination, BUT an even greater darkness may befall the players. As players invoke creatures and conduct turns the The Pit absorbs the darkness and may awaken thee ultimate Cave Evil. Can a Necromancer’s legion be strong or wise enough to defeat such evil and win the game? Game Play Details: The game is a dark fantasy, war, adventure set in a world where all characters are horrifying. If you enjoy fantasy, war, or adventure games you may want to look at it. It uses a squad making mechanic in which a player can control and create a variety of creature squads. Players also create and manage resources, explore and dig into further caverns, and pick up and deliver important items. A crucial element for victory would also be clever tactical excavation, moving, and superior hand management. While games can involve violent combat, players may also be patient and cunning, building their minions slowly There's much power to find just exploring the cave system itself.

The game has over 300 different cards. Each card has a separate artwork. Over 120 different types of creatures, over 80 items and spells, over 40 excavating path tiles, and much much more. Limited edition of 500 copies.

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Cave Evil in Production and Pre-Order
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Comments (24)
  • avatarJason Lutes

    Is that Mat Brinkman of Forth Thunder fame ?!?

  • avatarMichael Barnes

    I just got off the horn (well, a PM) with Nate here, and I noted that this game looked pretty fucking black metal. It turns out that's their design document, to do a black metal board game.

    You better bet I'll be reviewing it.

  • avatarStephen Avery

    So if you're of the chaotic bent you can try to intentionally wake the Ultimate Evil on purpose and wipe everyone out?

    Steve"Chaotically Bent"Avery

  • avatartin0men

    Does that board glow in the dark? Or just look like it? :P

    That would kind of rock: playing a lich-warefare game, in the pitch dark. Well, until the glow-n-the-dark dice rolled off the table. :D

  • avatardragonblaster

    tin0men: not glow in the dark. That would be cool though.

    Chaotically Bent: You can. You can prepare for the evil awakening, and in that way direct It's fury toward other players. This is the case with 3 end scenerio beasts.

    Jason: sí

  • avatarNotahandle

    You made the right choice going with black and white (with a tiny dash of colour when necessary), very atmospheric. Looking forward to reading more.

  • avatardragonblaster

    Just made this new trailer over the weekend. Caution: Flashing Light effect used.
    It a blatant homage to my all-time favorite trailer:

    Both have flashing effect!

  • avatarDr. Mabuse

    I'm totally looking forward to this!

    Nate's other title After Pablo (OOP) is the only worker placement/area control/economical game I adore.

    Bar fucking none.

  • avatardragonblaster

    Draft 5 of Rules (just text)

    Layout should be complete mid September.

    This will continue to be edited for grammer and additions, but it is close enough to real rule text to post. Please, post any questions, we can continue editing rules up until the 15th.

  • avatarHex Sinister

    I love how the 'order now' button is labeled "--> Fuck it!".

    Dig the style, dark tone and humor a lot. Pretty refreshing yet kind of old school at the same time. This game has to really suck for me to not buy it. I want to slay.

    P.S. those videos are killer. Man, I haven't said KILLER in ages.

  • avatarNotahandle


    I was waiting for the rules but decided I didn't want to risk it selling out. Now I'll be able to read the current draft of the rules tomorrow. Bonus.

    Don't care whether it has a black metal feel or not, but the art does scream of atmosphere!

  • avatardragonblaster

    You definitely don't need to be a fan of black metal to enjoy. there is no references or anything. every play test was bathed by metal playing in the background. I like to see the game as a band, with all content being part of the album. but you have to play the game to hear the album. haha

    Definitely grabbing for more of an older school gaming sense. It should play very intuitively for anyone growing up around games. Sometimes I think it's easier for me to enter into the story and atmosphere of a game if things feel familiar. If I struggle with mechanical concepts I can very easily be pushed out of the story. I think people will get how the game is played pretty easily (even though the rules are long) so hopefully entering into this world will be a breeze.

  • avatarHex Sinister

    How well does this game run with only two players?

  • avatardragonblaster

    Very well. definitely fast. Knowing you just have one enemy helps focus a violent plan. I think 2 is a favorite, but I also like multiple players for different reasons. While longer, multiple players can create interesting tactical situations. All sides are dangerous, must watch every minion. WIth 2, some minions can be in safer positions, plans can be more ballsy.

  • avatarNotahandle

    dragonblaster wrote:
    "I like to see the game as a band, with all content being part of the album. but you have to play the game to hear the album. haha"
    So will you be including optional rules for playing the game backwards?

  • avatardragonblaster

    sadly, we failed in being able to play the actual game backwards.

  • avatardragonblaster

    Here's the PDF of the final version of the rules:

  • avatarNotahandle

    Thanks. Looking good, but I think I'll read thoroughly once my printed version arrives.

    Gotta love a game that has a "Darkest Evil Bitch" card!

  • avatardragonblaster

    Almost all presales have been shipped. We intended to have Cave Evil Radio up and running by this time but just ran out of time. We'll get that out probably after essen sometime. In the meantime, we have a Cave Evil mega mix rolling for your playing pleasure here:

  • avatarAnthony Duclos

    I just got my preorder and you had me at the following:

    Phase Order

    2) Conjuration of Forbidden Knowledge

    I haven't even read what it is, but that's awesome.

    Everything looks good in here. I didnt realize it came with an actual back patch too. That's a nice touch.

  • avatarMichael Barnes

    My review copy showed up. I'm in love with it's ravishing grimness. Kvlt as fvck.

    I think some people won't like (or get) the artwork but I LOVE it. Web of Bats,FTW.

    Looks pretty complex, very old fashioned... But hopefully in a good way.

    And yes, I am totally putting the patch on my Bathory hoodie.

  • avatardragonblaster

    Very cool!! Good to know you guys are getting your games.

    It probably will fly over some heads but those that need it will hopefully enjoy it.

    Definitely aiming for old fashion mechanic concepts. We think people will be able to enter into the dark fantasy elements easier by not having to memorize a bunch of new mechanics. It should be intuitive to anyone familiar with gaming. BUT that's just our theory.

  • avatarmoofrank  - +1

    And mine showed up. The rulebook is...kinda long. The art is totally adorable, though.

  • avatarNotahandle

    Lucky bastards! I have to wait for a friend to pick it up at Essen and then ship it to me.

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