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Written by ubarose     September 12, 2011    

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Dragon Rage

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This is new edition from Flatlined Games with revised and expanded rules.

Dragon Rage is an introductoru wargame with a fantady setting. Dragons and other monsters attack walled cities, trying to destroy as much of the city building as they can while the city garrison fights back. Control the invading monsters or the city forces in a mercyless struggle!

 This new edition is only available via mail-order from flatlinedgames, as this limited 1500 copies print run is not available in the distribution channels.

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Comments (25)
  • avatarjeb

    Yes. I am on the record for this. Barnes! When you have your Final For Last Time I Am Selling This Sale, let me know.

  • avatarMichael Barnes

    I dunno man, it has the hallmarks of a Barnes Permanent Collection game...

  • avatarVonTush

    I've been wanting a copy of this game myself, but the shipping just kills it for me.

    Is there enough interest at this site to try to coordinate a case, hopefully lowering shipping costs, and distributing them?

  • avatarjeb  - re:
    LordVonTush wrote:
    Is there enough interest at this site to try to coordinate a case, hopefully lowering shipping costs, and distributing them?


  • avatarDair

    This looks really good. I might be in on that case. Let me know if it materializes.

  • avatarSagrilarus

    Anyone know how to figure out what the price would be per copy if we ordered a case?


  • avatarVonTush

    I think we need Mr T in a Sombrero to chime in to see what he's able to do.

    But I would be very interested in a copy if we could get this pulled off.

    Also if Barnes is planning a review in a few weeks (I hope at least) that might drum up some more interest to make this viable.

  • avatarNotahandle

    For a total of approximately £55 I think I'll stick with my original copy.

  • avatarSpace Ghost

    I would be in too if we could get some kind of bulk discount.

  • avatarehanuise

    Shipping a case of 6 (10Kg) or 12 (20Kg) units to US is €72.

    You may want to go trough a retailer for such a group order, as he'd benefit from our retailer discount. Depending on his margin, he might even be willing to cover part of the shipping.

    Also I'll be looking forward to find an US distributor during the upcoming Essen fair, but no news on that front yet.

  • avatarehanuise

    By the way is there a way to get a email notification when a new coment is posted ?
    (I missed the post, sorry for the delay.)

  • avatarjeb

    I don't think you can subscribe to News stories like this one ehanuise, but we should all be better about trash-mailing when a user's input is desired.

    Man, I want this. Someone Kickstarter a project to get this game put in my hands!

  • avatarDair

    I might be willing to talk to my FLGS and see if they would order them and what kind of price we could expect. Anyone else interested, so I can get an accurate count?

  • avatarubarose

    You should contact Boards & Bits. He cherry picks Essen releases that don't have a US distributer. In the past he has taken requests by e-mail, but now he has an on-line request form.

    Dragon Rage is already on the request list

  • avatarMattDP  - re:
    Notahandle wrote:
    For a total of approximately £55 I think I'll stick with my original copy.

    Ouch, yeah. I didn't realise this shipped from Europe and I was just about to go order a copy until I saw this.

  • avatarDair

    Thanks Uba! I'll check that out first.

  • avatarNotahandle

    MattDP: It is a great game; maybe someone can pick up a copy at Essen for you and save the postage.

  • avatarehanuise

    Just got email from funagain, they will pick some copies at Essen. (No idea how many, though.)

  • avatarVonTush

    Awesome! When is Essen again so I can start to keep an eye out to snag a copy when they have it available?

  • avatarehanuise

    thu 20/10 - sun 23/10.
    I expect it'll ba a couple weeks after that before it's available from them, however.

  • avatarGary Sax

    Itching for my funagain copy.

  • avatarscissors

    I'm all for small games companies and I understand that the cost of putting out a game is far higher than for a large established company but I hope the gameplay far outclasses the components. While they are nice, this does not feel like a 75$ + game.

    No offence to the man with the sombrero - I am betting (indeed, sincerely hope) that the game itself will be great... I also appreciate him bringing back a game 30 years out of print.

    EDIT: I am not a 'chit' or much of a warmgames person, so judged in comparison to small wargames companies, the chits here are superthick, pre-rounded (no dang clippers!) and double-sided (with the original and new art) which is a super touch!

    Edit: It looks like fun, just a bit underwhelming when first opened. Anyways, kicks the crap out of what I originally paid for Lock N Load's Zombie board game which I soon sold - just to compare.

  • avatarscissors

    Update: Okay, the vibe is getting a lot more positive - reading the rule set and I like the details. This is supposed to be an entry-level chit wargame and I like the way the various moves are implemented, including that water means instant soggy death should the dragon ever be brought down over it. (Images of Smaug and Laketown from childhood first reading of Hobbit recalled). Think I'm on board now.

  • avatarMichael Barnes

    My next review is Dragon Rage. I love it for exactly the reasons you're getting out of reading the rules- detail and narrative the comes from rules and gameplay instead of art and flavor text.

    $75 is a definite downside. I'd like to see this at a $40 price point, but the small printing/small company thing for loses on that.

    Great game though.

  • avatarmikecl

    I watched this being demoed live at Essen and was impressed by Flatline Games's Eric Hanuise and his obvious passion for this remake.

    It's a definite throwback to hex and chit wargaming but I'm beginning to get back into some wargames (like Wilderness War) and Magic Realm is a bit of a fantasy wargame in its own right. So far I like what I'm reading about this game. Whatever you want to say about the 70's and 80's, games used to be unpredictable and fun until we stared getting flooded with the book keeping, resource management and cube fondling of your standard Euro.

    I'm also with Barnes on narrative coming from rules and gameplay rather than flavour text. I wished the game weren't so damned expensive, but considering how many games we buy and then either trade away or just quit playing how expensive is a game with staying power? To this day, I still play Magic Realm and I bought it in 1979. I wore out the game tiles on my first copy it got so many plays.

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