Ugly duckling MYTHGARDIA turns out to be a swan

Ugly duckling MYTHGARDIA turns out to be a swan Hot

Michael BarnesMichael Barnes   July 23, 2009  
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Just in case you forgot, MYTHGARDIA (pictured) is really ugly. The good news is that it's also pretty great. The bad news is that it's mad expensive, and probably sold out by now. Somebody really needs to give Bob Harris a call and get this game out to more folks. I thought I'd write about it over at Cracked LCD to try to help get the word out about it.

But is it worth $80? Believe it or not, I'm inclined to say that it is. If you're one of those lunatics who spent $100+ for a secondhand copy of a game like DUNGEONQUEST or TALISMAN then this one is pretty much par for course. I think it's almost in the league of the great 1980s fantasy adventure games, it just kind of stinks that it's taken us 20+ years to finally see it.

As an added bonus over at Gameshark this week, Bill Abner reviews BLOOD BOWL. It's a great review. Bill's one of the top writers about sports video games in the industry and he's a BB nut, so check out what he's got to say about it. Me, I'm still waiting for the DS version.