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Ken B.

Written by: Ken B
 I will probably do an official review...eventually.Look, I know you've been conditioned to be cautious, wary of hype.  When you've seen so many "second comings" heralded over...
February 24th, 2009
Written by: Ken B
#I know I promised this sooner, but we've had a lot of great user content over the past few weeks and I wanted to make sure that the good stuff got its due. Join me for some ruminations on the gaming year...
February 9th, 2009
Written by: Ken B
# I know I promised a Year in Review for 2008, but I lied because it's not ready yet.  Instead, I present to you a SHOCKING~! "after action report" for Atlanta Game Fest.  Bewar...
January 14th, 2009
Written by: Ken B
#I was going to save this for our return of the Friday news, but really this deserves a little extra, I think. I just recently learned that as of January 6th ,2009, the magazine "Electronic Gami...
January 6th, 2009
Written by: Ken B
 No, I haven't been kidnapped by Haitian terrorists.     This is just one of those times of year that can make finding time--any time--rather difficult.   It doesn&...
December 29th, 2008
Written by: Ken B.
# Though there were a few newsworthy items--Majel Barrett Rodenberry's recent passing chief among them--we've decided in lieu of news updates today or next week, it would be a good time to do a r...
December 19th, 2008
Written by: Ken B
# Let's face it...card games make excellent stocking stuffers or Dirty Santa gifts.  They're usually cheap, compact, and the cards themselves can double as thrown weapons in a pinch. So are Fairy...
December 9th, 2008
Written by: wkover
# Editor's Note:  I noticed this review while browsing our Recommendations section and knew it was too good not to receive a little front page attention. Wkover posted this and it's timely and a ...
November 25th, 2008
Written by: Ken B.
# Yes, I know I'm late with these. Still, better late than never, right? Two quickie reviews are dished up:  would-be Talisman killer World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game, and the Germa...
November 18th, 2008
Written by: Ken B
# At one time, it was suggested that the F:AT editorial staff was on the payroll to support/promote "Dragon Dice." If we keep this up, I'm pretty sure that those evil whispers are going ...
October 21th, 2008
Written by: Ken B
# When it comes to hobbies, I essentially have two loves--boardgaming and videogaming.  If you're a long-time videogamer, it's hard to ignore some of the signs of the boardgaming industr...
September 30th, 2008
Written by: Ken B.
# Hey, let's talk a little bit about cards--specifically when they serve multiple-purposes in a game. 
September 23th, 2008
Written by: Ken B
# Step right up, folks...see with your own eyes this fantabulous whirlwind tour of HISTORIC GAME DESIGN LOCATIONS.   Today, let's investigate some of the key locations of t...
September 16th, 2008
Written by: Ken B
# Matthew McConaughey is too manly to play a game like "Stone Age."  He prefers "Naked Ubongo."  This is why I do not game with Matthew McConaughey. ...
September 10th, 2008
Written by: Ken B
August 23th, 2008
Written by: Ken B.
# Asmodée has always been something of a wildcard to me.  You never know what to expect; their releases tend to be offbeat, many times original, and often having a very different feel ev...
August 20th, 2008
Written by: Ken B.
Editor's Note:  One of our users was lamenting the lack of Gencon coverage on many of the gaming sites, ours included.  However, instead of just complaining, Metalface13 did something about i...
August 17th, 2008
Written by: Ken B.
#LOCK ‘N LOAD PUBLISHING  NEWS RELEASE  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LNLP Announces World at War: Operation Garbo on P500 Rocky Mount, VA, August 4, 2008 – World at War:...
August 15th, 2008
Written by: Ken B.
# It's true...according to this thread on The Leading Boardgame Site: We've spent the past week complaining about what some companies are doing wrong ...
August 12th, 2008
Written by: Ken B.
#  At one time, if you'd ask me to rattle off a list of the companies I considered "Friends of Ameritrash", Days of Wonder would have been right there on the list. These days, th...
August 5th, 2008
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