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Five Second Reviews
Black BarneyBlack Barney   March 23, 2017   411  
I was already paranoid in and around hypnosis but seeing this movie isn't going to help. This movie did a bang-up job giving me that overwhelming sense of dread that you can't escape from. It's essential to the better creepy movies cuz you don't want to feel too at ease. I thought the performances were very good and although much of it is predictable, i still felt surprise at the direction much of it went. People keep talking about the social commentary of this film but I didn't find that aspect...
Up Your Game
MattDPMattDP   March 06, 2017   1396  
Hello. My name it Matt and I am a foamaholic. It started at my high school role-playing games club. Everyone running a game would want to bring in painted miniatures for the session. Some of the older kids had folders of foam-lined cardboard to cushion the transport. They claimed these came from electrical component boxes, but I never managed to snag one. So, each week I endured the misery of seeing hours of painting work ruined by chips and wear. It gave me a fetish for varnish: even now I double-coat...
Egg ShenEgg Shen   March 01, 2017   1551  
Ever since the glory days of HeroQuest I’ve always been interested in boardgames that can be played out as a campaign.  That is, you play as the same character over the course of several games, getting new gear/powers to help you overcome evil.  The truth is that even back in the time before work, responsibilities, and internet cat videos I RARELY managed to successfully finish a campaign.  
Five Second Reviews
Black BarneyBlack Barney   February 27, 2017   886  
I think the American release of this movie changed the name to "Leap!" but i'm not 100% sure. Anyway, this is a very cute and fun movie about young orphans in France finding and pursuing their dreams. Nothing really new on that front. The animation is beautiful but when it gets to the dancing numbers, it seems obvious they didn't use any motion-capture as the movements are heavily robotic and artificial. That's a problem when the movie is about dancing. When they slow it down, it's very graceful, but at normal speed it doesn't look...
Boardgame Reviews
MattDPMattDP   February 27, 2017   1353  
Let's start with an admission: Empire Strikes Back isn't my favourite Star Wars film. Return of the Jedi is. And my favourite scene in Return of the Jedi is the beginning, in Jabba's palace and on to the Pit of Carkoon. I like it because of all the things in Star Wars it's by far the most alien and esoteric of all and because it's full of huge, slobbering monsters. So getting hold of the Jabba's Realm expansion for Imperial Assault was like getting to play with my childhood Star Wars figures all over again. Much...
3974 results - showing 6 - 10  
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