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Five Second Reviews
Black Barney   October 16, 2017   1946  
Having been able to resist bringing 6-year old Emily to The Emoji Movie or Nut Job 2, finally a movie that looks OK enough comes out for kids that I rushed her to the theatre... ...and fell into a deep, deep sleep. I'm really hoping that the people behind these Lego movies see that you can't just throw the same formula at it over and over again. It's not always going to work. It's not awful or anything, it's probably even passable. It is just really nowhere near the quality of the past two Lego movies....
Boardgame Reviews
Egg Shen   October 12, 2017   2229  
Do you and your friends have what it takes to solve the ghostly riddles of…MYSTERIUM?
cranberries   October 12, 2017   2133  
If you bring your Euro gaming need for strategic planning or Judeo-Christian expectations for fairness to the game you will be sorely disappointed. Terrible things will happen to you regardless of the choices you make.
Boardgame Reviews
MattDP   October 02, 2017   3302  
The first question I tend to ask when faced with a new role-playing game is: why? Why does this game exist? What does it do that I can't do with my favourite existing role-playing system? And even the strapline on Night's Black Agents, "a vampire spy thriller" barks that question at the full moon. If you want a vampire spy thriller, surely something like Cthulhu or Dresden Files or even Shadowrun already fits the bill? Reading the back and the introductory chapters goes a little way toward an answer, but not far. The game uses the...
Boardgame Reviews
MattDP   September 25, 2017   3156  
Whatever happened to block games? Fifteen years ago, Hammer of the Scots was crushing all other starter wargames with woad-stained wood. Then, after a few more releases, it all went quiet. It's all the more mysterious because they're still around, and they're still awesome. Julius Caesar is a fascinating exercise in ancient armies. And it's not alone: carrying the banner into the future is the Holdfast series from Worthington Games. The march began with World War 2 title Holdfast: Russia. It had all the block game staples. The pieces were chunky bits of wood you could...
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LoJo   September 19, 2017   1231  

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The Agents

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The Agents by Saar Shai brings intrigue, deception, and espionage to a card game like no other The Agents is a brilliantly illustrated and intriguingly designed game of fallen agents and their attempts to fulfill missions in order to earn enough intel points to gain a win. The game incorporates double-sided cards that allow you to affect the other players around you; sometimes to their benefit, sometimes not. Everyone at the table struggles to gain enough intel points to claim victory, but with such deceptions and double-dealing, it won't be easy.
Boardgame Reviews
MattDP   September 18, 2017   3679  
Time is something the medieval mages of Ars Magica have in plenty. They have no need of wealth or work. A specialist class of peasantry, called Grogs, cater for their basic needs. Their magic can bend time and potions extend their lifespans to hundreds of years. Ironic, then, that Ars Magica is one of the most time-consuming role-playing games around. It also happens to be one of the best. Originally published in 1987, over time ideas from Ars made their way into countless other games. Its house system, whereby Magi belong to specialist groups, was the...
Boardgame Reviews
MattDP   September 11, 2017   3576  
You'd have thought there was only so much Lovecraft that gamers could stomach. Yet, year after, year release schedules continue to put a lie to that presumption. Arkham Horror: The Card Game, though, promises to be different. At night, in dreams, eldritch horrors whispered in my ear that it was new and exciting. At dawn, zombie-like, I staggered out under their baleful influence to secure and play a copy. It promises to be a Living Card Game, and it both is and isn't. You do build a deck from the selection of cards in the box....
Boardgame Reviews
MattDP   September 04, 2017   3037  
All through the colossal space battle at the end of Rogue One, I found it hard to concentrate. Seeing all those huge ships, the swarms of fighters, the epic scale, my brain kept turning back to Star Wars: Armada. That was especially true for the moment the Hammerhead Corvette came on the screen. I knew there was a new model for it coming for the game. And once the scene played out, I knew I had to have it. The trouble is, it isn't an it, but a them. It comes in a two-pack whether you...
Boardgame Reviews
Shellhead   August 27, 2017   3153  
Saltlands – Sail Through the Desert! is a recently published boardgame from Antler Games for 1 to 6 players and set in a Mad Max-style future.
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