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MattDPMattDP   April 09, 2017   1840  
I've been playing hobby games for over 30 years, the majority of that time focused on board games. Increasingly, I've been growing bored with them. Not in the sense that the games themselves are boring, but that they all look the same. Consider what lit up geeks in 2016. Terraforming Mars, which was arguably an outer space version of Agricola. Scythe, another step in the plodding evolution of the "waro", a genre that sprang up around the turn of the millennium. Even my favourite game from last year, Hands in the Sea, is a straight-up rehash of A Few...
Five Second Reviews
Black BarneyBlack Barney   April 03, 2017   1050  
Someone has come along. The tired descriptive of superhero or comic-book movie 'for adults' has been made on many less deserving motion pictures, but it never has rang more true than here. The pacing, the language, the limited but explosive action sequences, the depth... all of it designed for a more appreciative palette. Even though we've seen Hugh Jackman's Wolverine more than enough times to describe him blindly to a sketch artist, I mean it when i say that Hugh Jackman is almost unrecognizable in this performance because it's so different and so tired. I'm...
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MattDPMattDP   April 03, 2017   1598  
Ever since I first saw the astonishing detail of an X-Wing model, all I've wanted from the game was cool ships copied from cool films. That well ran dry within three waves of expansions. So, as the game as continued to sell, the publisher has mined Star Wars trivia for new ships to flog. A lot of them were fun to run but they didn't scratch that core itch. They just weren't quite Star Wars. Now, seven waves later there are new films. And they bring with them new ships for the game. It's a fresh...
Five Second Reviews
Black BarneyBlack Barney   March 23, 2017   1134  
I was already paranoid in and around hypnosis but seeing this movie isn't going to help. This movie did a bang-up job giving me that overwhelming sense of dread that you can't escape from. It's essential to the better creepy movies cuz you don't want to feel too at ease. I thought the performances were very good and although much of it is predictable, i still felt surprise at the direction much of it went. People keep talking about the social commentary of this film but I didn't find that aspect...
Up Your Game
MattDPMattDP   March 06, 2017   2485  
Hello. My name it Matt and I am a foamaholic. It started at my high school role-playing games club. Everyone running a game would want to bring in painted miniatures for the session. Some of the older kids had folders of foam-lined cardboard to cushion the transport. They claimed these came from electrical component boxes, but I never managed to snag one. So, each week I endured the misery of seeing hours of painting work ruined by chips and wear. It gave me a fetish for varnish: even now I double-coat...
4130 results - showing 26 - 30  
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