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Boardgame Reviews
MattDP   April 23, 2018   2245  
Children are not as foolish as adults sometimes think. I put three figures of stuffed toys in front of mine: a rabbit, a lion and a patchwork doll armed with a pencil. "Choose one to play," I suggest. They look suspicious. One rummages in the pile of plastic from the box and pulls out a pig with a rattle. "Why can't I play this," she asks. I explain that this is a storytelling game that will unfold over many sessions. That we have to meet the pig in the story before someone can play him. ...
Five Second Reviews
Black Barney   April 20, 2018   268  
One of Marvel's finest to date, Black Panther is sure to excite and entertain all audiences. Finally got around to seeing this last night, and as much as I was expecting a good movie, it still managed to bypass that. I was particularily impressed with the great acting from the entire cast. All the leads were great, the supporting cast was fantastic (I was terribly intimidated by the King's bodyguards). I was totally unfamiliar with the backstory of the Black Panther, not having seen him in previous movies or reading comics. The whole technological aspect was...
Trash Culture
Black Barney   April 13, 2018   563  
Well, I’ve put it off far too long to get this article put together. There are still movies I want to see from 2017 but at this point, there is too much good stuff in 2018 to see so I don’t see myself catching up. So while imperfect, I think I’ve come up with a strong list of best movies for the year and I strongly encourage you to see these films if you haven’t already. Most should be easy enough to find at home now on some sort of streaming device.
Five Second Reviews
Black Barney   April 10, 2018   510  
Super effective thriller, with real emotion, real impact. No underlying message about religion or anything like that. just a family trying to survive. It's going to be a very familiar environment to anyone that consumes modern media. There will be wisps of living in the world of The Walking Dead and such. I'm sure at more than one point, you will be reminded of Signs with Mel Gibson, but mostly you'll be wondering why they cast that girl as the daughter when she looks nothing like either parent. One thing I'm...
Boardgame Reviews
MattDP   April 09, 2018   3992  
Looking forward to a nice two player night with my favourite gaming crony, Graham. I've packed beers, printed play aids, read the rules - twice - and I'm about to leave. The phone rings. "Matt? It's Graham. I've got a house full of teenagers. Bring some multi-player games. And some more beer." I'm in a rush, so I grab the first thing in front of me. It's Colt Express. I got it on a whim to play with my daughter. I mean: it's cheap, it's got a cool 3d train and it...
Five Second Reviews
Black Barney   April 06, 2018   498  
This is one of those really good movies that's going to be very tough to recommend since so many people, i think, would have a hard time with it. It's basically about an Israeli family who lose their son, while serving in the military. It takes you to all sorts of places and you can bet your house that you will not be able to predict what will happen. There are some comedic elements, but it mostly works as a pretty heavy drama. The acting is really strong which can be...
Rants & Raves
MattDP   March 19, 2018   3324  
We'd dropped the acid just before sunset on a day so hot you could smell the tar cooking on the roads. We climbed a hill as we came up and spent the night on a golf course, pretending to play as the shapes and sounds shifted and blurred around us. Then, tired but happy, we lay and let the warm grass tickle our necks as we watched too many stars spinning overhead, twinkling in too many colours. In the hard dawn of another breaking day, we said our goodbyes and drifted off, the hard...
Five Second Reviews
Black Barney   March 16, 2018   1166  
Pretty entertaining biopic on Tonya Harding largely led by an awesome performance by Allison Janney as her mother. This is one of those movies where the performances are stronger than the movie. The movie is good, no question, but it's really more about just some fantastic moments marked by strong performances, including Robbie herself who gets better and better as the movie goes. I think the main detractor for the movie is the fact that, as correctly stated up front, the screenplay is based on the "wildly conflicting" testimonials by Tonya and Jeff...
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mkostinas   March 07, 2018   995  

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Quotable | Game

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June 01, 2018
Street Date
June 01, 2018
Quotable is a game where you trick your friends into guessing your fake author of the quote is the REAL author. You score points for distinguishing the real answer amongst the lies and you get points for tricking people. Visit the website to learn more!
Boardgame Reviews
MattDP   March 05, 2018   3724  
"Do you know what Space Invaders is?" I ask my daughter. "Yeah, it's that really old video game with all the funny-shaped things." It's close enough, so I let it slide. Flip Ships is like Space Invaders, I tell her. There are two rows of alien cards at the end of the table and we're working together to take them down. We've got to flip little cardboard discs off the opposite edge to try and hit them. So we try, and it's chaos, a confetti of cardboard circles raining everywhere...
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