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It's your lifelong dream - to join the Star Patrol and be part of the crew of an interstellar Starship. You've worked hard, graduated from the Academy, and received your first assignment as part of a team of young recruits, confident in your training and ready to be put to the test.

Nothing can possibly go wrong...

You've been prepared for anything...

You are the Space Cadets.

Space Cadets is a fun and frantic cooperative game for 3-6 players who take on the roles of Bridge Officers of a Starship. Each officer must accomplish his task in order for the team to successfully complete the mission.



You might be the:

  • Helmsman, plotting the ship's course through asteroid fields and nebulae.
  • Engineer, using dominoes to get enough power to each system.
  • Weapons Officer, completing puzzles to load the torpedoes and flicking a disc down a track to launch them.
  • Shield Officer, using tiles to form poker hands to get the strongest shields.
  • Sensor Officer, using your sense of touch to scan and lock on enemy targets.
  • Or maybe even the Captain, setting the plan and making sure that everyone stays focused and does their job.

If your crew can work together to accomplish the mission goals you just might make it home in one piece.

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Comments (9)
  • avatarGrudunza

    Sounds like Space Alert, but I presume different... how?

  • avatarengelstein

    While comparisons are going to be inevitable I don't think it's at all like Space Alert. First off, you have a very specific job that only you do, and each player has a different mini-game to perform, rather than all basically doing the same thing.

    Because the jobs are so different they appeal to different types of players. My wife, for example, hates games like Roborally and Space Alert because she's not good at the 'preplotting movement' visualization thing. But she loves playing Sensors in Space Cadets because she enjoys that task. (For sensors you have to reach into a bag and find pieces that match the shapes that are on your 'sensor target' cards to get locks on enemies, scan map sectors, and break enemy locks on you). Whereas my son loves Roborally so he enjoys playing the Helmsman, where you have to plot your movement in the 30 second window. We've also played it successfully with kids as young as 8. They tend to be especially good at sensors and tractor beams, which is a Concentration/Memory game.

    Also, the timed portion is in small 30 second chunks, with discussion and resolution in between. It's not a continuous 10-minute real time portion. So there's opportunity for discussion and clever tactics, while avoiding one person dominating, since in the end each person has to do their job on their own.

  • avatarJason Lutes

    Well, from the crew list there, it looks like each member will have to perform a specific minigame to accomplish assigned tasks. It's a cool idea, but could get old quick (cf. Mansions of Madness puzzles).

  • avatarEgg Shen

    This sounds really great. I love how each person gets their own "mini game" to perform. This would give each person something unique to do each game and help with the replay factor. It just sounds like it would be fun to play with my friends.

    I'm not loving the artwork, but I have confidence in Stronghold Games. They usually churn out REALLY high quality stuff, so I'm not really worried.

  • avatarMattLoter

    I'm really bummed I didn't get a chance to play this at ConnCon.

  • avatarengelstein

    Please don't judge the art (yet). Stephen just pulled a picture from Core Worlds and slapped a made-up logo on it using some font he found in a dark alley. We are in the process of beginning the REAL artwork, and it won't look anything like this pc.

  • avatarlfisher

    Reminds me of Puzzle Pirates, but in boardgame form. Could be interesting.

  • avatarSuperflyTNT

    Well, nobody chimed in, but I'm going to: Congrats on yet another game being published, Geoff!

  • avatarStephen Avery

    I should've chimed in earlier.

    It has a space alert feel- but fun.
    The game is really very clever. Each of the minigames are nothing amazing but the parts combine to make something much greater as a whole. It also kinda reminded me of BattleStations. Everyone is chipping in to make the mission succeed (well almost everyone- I was the albotross to the rest of the crew and only a frek 'haywire controls' saved the rest of them from my buffoonery.)

    The intor mission was quite fun, A quick race to grab power crystals before being overtaken by 'the borg'- actually a non copwritten ship of immense power that pursued our hapless vessel.

    It was clear that Geoff had refined the minigames and tried to match the 'type' with the feel of the station. Mine was the only minigame that required dextarity (Fire Control) and most of the games were puzzle or push your luck type games.

    I'm looking forward to playing again. perhaps I'll do better as engineer.

    Steve"Thumbs Up"Avery

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