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TOPIC: Kingdom Death

Kingdom Death 20 Mar 2017 08:40 #245384

Started a new campaign of Kingdom Death : Monster on Saturday. Four players with the owner of the game having played the most, me having played 2 or 3 times and two brand new players, one of which is that guy who although is not stupid, just does not seem to 'get it' and each turn asks "what do I do again?"

Anyway - I really really hate alpha dog playing in co-ops, to the point where when I am teaching a co-op game I'll will offer zero pointers, I'd rather lose then be a fun-sucking alpha dog. This is not the case with the game owner, who is a good guy and not super alphaish, but he has played the game and knows what innovations we should build first and wants to do well, so he was telling everyone what we would do with the resources after a hunt.

So to combat this, I refused to give up my resources to the socialist pot and tried to get the other players to do the same. I cut this lion's tail off- it is going to be my new rawhide headband not some community pile to be used to make ammonia for the greater good! Sure, I contributed goods, but only after debate and through trading. How do you guys play Kingdom death when it comes to the village portion?
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