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TOPIC: Let's Talk About Age of Sigmar

Let's Talk About Age of Sigmar 19 Feb 2017 01:08 #244176

Barnes, are you using a gloss varnish before the matte varnish? Matte is generally a much weaker protectant than gloss, but looks better.
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Let's Talk About Age of Sigmar 20 Feb 2017 02:54 #244199

So I kinda followed Barnes' advice on working on multiple skaven at once, and it went much better. I got about 80% of both shooting teams, skaven pilots for doowwheel and another 10 clanrats in one evening, and it has been way more enjoyable overall.

I think that the Skaven army from the Spire of Dawm is perfect for a beginner painter, too. With Skaven, you can work multiple types of skin color, which also train you to paint humans. And you also get to work fur, clothes, straps, bone, metallic and eyes - which I found far easier than human eyes, but it's the same technique, really. So you get to try all those things A LOT (I can see how much I improved from one batch to the next) and, most importantly, it doesn't matter how much you screw up - there're so many of them and dirty look suits them, too.
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Let's Talk About Age of Sigmar 20 Feb 2017 13:35 #244243

Yes, batch painting is the answer. And here's another tip. DO NOT get all crazy and insist on doing different colors. At first, I was doing this. So some Orks would get brown paints, some black, some red, etc. You wind up doing it all crazy quilt and it takes longer. If you want to vary colors, do smaller batches. For my Clanrats, I wanted some to be brown, some to be lighter brown, some to be darker brown, and some to be gray. So each of those bases is a different run. From there, pick two main base colors for the other larger areas- I went with Mechanicius Standard Gray and Naggaroth Night. Then pick two metals- Balthasar Gold and (of course) Leadbelcher. You can do variations within those parameters, so some get a gray cloak and a purple hood, some get a purple tunic all over, some get silver armor, some get brass. For finer details, keep it simple on these kinds of figures. Zandri Dust for teeth and nails, Rhinox Hide for leathers- don't do a bunch of variations because with big groups like this you won't even really notice.

That is absolutely right, this is a great set for beginners. The figures are smaller and less intricate, but it's pretty easy to get good results with some halfway decent basic painting and washing. The Elves are good for this too, lots of simple detail that is easy for beginners to pick out. I'm trying to get a hold of a second set...it's kind of tough to fill out a Swifthawk Agents roster without a second and for the price you can't beat getting 40 Clanrats, a Warpfire Thrower, a PW Mortar, a Warlock Engineer, and a couple of Rat Ogors. I ran the numbers and with a second box, the Ratling Gunner/Warp Grinder/Stormfiends and a box of Stormvermin I will have a full up 2000 points.

I did the Grey Seer last night and I think he might be the best single figure I've painted yet. Only took about 90 minutes. Started on the Doomwheel, I'm kind of building and painting it in layers because there is so much that is obscured by the model itself.

Once I'm through the Skaven I will probably go on into the Elves. I have the Swordmasters painted already but I'm eager to get to these Reavers. I was thinking about adding White Lions to that army (mainly because I got some sent to me by mistake and I was able to keep them for a great price) but I don't know, they don't seem that great. May try to flip those to get another Chariot, Shadow Warriors, or Skycutter.
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