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TOPIC: Hearthstone Players!

Hearthstone Players! 18 Sep 2017 08:59 #254400

SebastianBludd wrote:
My other two choices were Flametongue Totem and Kalimos. Kalimos seemed way too slow (and no synergy, to boot), and I wasn't willing to bet on a future board state where I'd be able to use the totem to make one or two value trades to swing the board. I figured that I'd have a chance to use Avalanche to take out a totem or two since Shaman is always pulling totem/Flametongue shenanigans around Turns 3-5.

Yep, Absolutely the right choice there.

SebastianBludd wrote:
That really slowed me down and after the second time Sherazin died I probably should have slowed down and played a tempo Auctioneer instead of rushing to resurrect Sherazin again, depleting my hand.

I wondered about that. I only played Sherazin for a bit, so I don't really have a good grasp on the strategy, but I did focus on removing him a couple times, not because he was a huge threat, but because I know the focus of the deck is to keep returning the 5/3 to the board and that means that the player will often spend a fair amount of time figuring out how to do that, even if the plays involved may not be optimal. I think most of the plays you made were perfectly fine and if I wasn't also involved in/able to play the long game, you probably would have worn me down. But, as you say, you were also dumping your hand to make it work, which has been my concern with Rogue since the game started: Combo means card disadvantage, since you're often using twice the resources to get similar effects and have no sure draw ability other than the very expensive Sprint. Rogue seems designed to not be capable of the long game, other than Mill, in the same way that Priest can't do aggro. Also, Evolve is kind of the counter to Sherazin, since I can engage in the same behavior (performing wonky trades but then healing/improving my damage minions that made those trades by evolving them.)

SebastianBludd wrote:
That Devolve was a backbreaker for me, and when I played my second Hallucinate to get Thing from Below, my other choices were Snowfury Giant (really?) and Lotus Agents.

See? Overload just sucks.
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Hearthstone Players! 18 Sep 2017 12:05 #254418

Quest Hunter.... is bad. So bad in Standard. I am trying, but damn it is so hard. It's close. I need one more recovery--I might move it to Wild and try Reno. The gist is that you use Elemental synergies and Fire Flies to power the deck (and set the Quest off), but once you actually get the Quest, you get... a cheap 8/8 and the ability to play more 1-drops. It's like, what was all that for? Isn't playing The Lich King turn 8 better than playing this Quest in general? Hunter's Quest has an existential crisis.

I used Pirate Warrior to get to the Rank 15 plateau, and now I bounce against it as my ELO plummets until I am in the bottom of the barrel, and I run to 14.2 and then bounce back. I could ust use Pirate Warrior or a decent Priest deck to advance, but the meta seems so stale, it's like no one is even trying anything new at this tier.

Jade Druid
Token Druid
Evolve Shaman (Jade)
Pirate Warrior
Asmodai Hunter
Big Priest

That's a solid 70 to 75% of the decks, if not 90%+ once your ELO is decent. Six decks. You got nine heros, and hundreds of cards, and you see the same five heros and same four themes again and again and again.

I am playing:
Quest Hunter
Deathrattle Priest (Quest and not)
Tempo Mage (ApxVoid)
Maly Rogue

Every game for me is just kill the weenies against Warrior, Hunter, Token Druids, and save the AoE clears for the Jades, and lose to Big Priests.

Paladins exist, right? I haven't seen one in some time, probably because that is an expensive deck to build optimally (Finja, Burnbristle, Tarim at Legendary, along with Warleaders, Megasaurs, Vilefin at Epic). Warlocks are utterly absent--I don't think there's a decent deck there in Standard. Rogue is the same as it ever was--Tempo'ing ahead. They are probably the weakest to Silence effects (things like Gadgetzan, Sherazin, and Van Cleef get bad in a Silence heavy environment) and they are suffering as a result. Same goes for Mage--Secrets and Tempo builds just hope to get you around 15 with shitty effects and then burn your face off. Quest is a solitaire affair--usually coming down to how many extra Ice Blocks they draw.
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Hearthstone Players! 18 Sep 2017 15:35 #254429

I ran my Warlock up to 14 in standard and just got frustrated (this is a Kazakus/Bloodreaver deck -- uses DOOM, just so I can)....moved over to Wild with Warlock.

Haven't played wild in a bit, so started out at Rank 25. I built up a Giant deck that basically used my Standard framework and made it to Rank 15 (I was using singletons because I wanted to see if Frost Giant would work -- he fucking sucks), where I got trapped in the Warlock hell of Hunter, Rogue, and Paladin. So, I retooled my giant deck and now am at Rank 10 and bouncing between 10 and 9.

But, the decks are basically the same:

Druid -- Jade or Token
Rogue - Mill
Paladin -- either Murloc or Buff
Warrior - Pirate
Priest - Big or Death Rattle (Variations on the same, but deathrattle is much easier for me to beat)
Hunter -- standard hunter shit
Warlock - Reno Warlock

I seem to easily beat Druid, Hunter, Warlock, and Shaman. I have a hell of a time with Paladin and Warrior. Priest seems to be 50-50 as does whatever weird version of Mage shows up
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Hearthstone Players! 19 Sep 2017 12:28 #254478

Cashed in 400 dust (Warleader) to get over the hump for Shadowreaper Anduin. It's worth it--he takes any Priest deck to the next level. The Battlecry (Destroy all minions with 5 or more Attack) is just amazing. I felt totally comfortable dueling with a Jade Druid, knowing I was going to demolish his board at will in the late game. I didn't need it in this game, Ysera was kind to me; but it was such a relief to have it there. I'll get another Warleader if I need it--I keep getting Classic packs from Brawls, Quests, so it'll turn up someday. Not like I am maximizing its utility.

I had to make a Defile too, to get through The Lich King. I just have paladin left, having scored Warrior, Mage, Warlock, and Hunter wins yesterday. Both Mage and Hunter were won before Turn 7 shenanigans with Molten Giants and Faceless Shamblers getting work done. Plus I need him to not draw Obliterate or Blizzard, natch. Warlock is just a bog standard RenoLock game. Warrior, though, dang. He put me to 1 when I killed him. That was using his post-turn-7 hero power for 13. He hit me for 91 using that Hero Power alone. I got a Sneed's Old Shredder off... something. And Sneed's dropped a Kel-Thuzad which coupled nicely with MY Kel-Thuzad. Cripes that is a tough matchup. I had the combo in hand (Brann + Violet Illusionist + Coldlights + Thaurissan ticks) but I didn't need it.

Lost in the best way possible. I was playing Quest Priest, and the opponent was Asmodai Hunter, but played The Lich King too. We made it to late game, which favors me. She'd made some big 6/12 Taunt Beast (who cares), I am at 24 life, have "You Are Safe Now" in hand and just pinged her down to 14 with a tide of 1-drop Elementals. I didn't bother running my 3/2 and 2/3 dudes into the 6/12--seems unnecessary, and I might topdeck Mass Dispel and need them to punch though enough damage. That said, I'll be able to win next turn barring something intensely weird. She topdecks Unleash the Hounds to make 6 hasty hounds--the one card she got from The Lich King six turns ago was Anti-Magic Shell, giving her 6*3 = 18 + 6 + 2 = 26 FTW.

This is why I won't ever make Legend. Added her and we had a good laugh.
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Hearthstone Players! 21 Sep 2017 04:35 #254558

jeb wrote:
Cashed in 400 dust (Warleader) to get over the hump for Shadowreaper Anduin. It's worth it--he takes any Priest deck to the next level.

I got a copy in a pack, and just tried it out in Big Priest. It was the most absurd match. My opponent was playing a Rogue C'Thun deck which I presumed at first was just a weak experiment, but it turned out he had a plan.

I meanwhile, was starved of all the cards that make Big Priest work. Barnes and both my Shadow Essences were in the last five cards: I kid you not, by the time I drew them there were no minions left in the deck for them to act on. Lucky for me, C'thun decks are very vulnerable to all the board clear cards that Big Priest has.So I stayed alive.

He first pulled out C'thun when it was about 8/8 for the random damage, then used a card to return it to his hand. I fixed that with Healing Potion. It came out again when it was about 10/10 and I hit it with Shadow Word: Death. He had a Doomcaller to reshuffle it, though, and that's 7/9 so I had to hit that with Shadow Word: Death too.

Knowing what was coming, I'd used my spell copy spell to spin up two more copies of Shadow Word: Death. So this exact same sequence happened twice more. Lucky my deck is full of big minions to take some of that C'thun pain, but I was still very low on health and cards. Now, if you're sharp you'll have spotted this left me with a problem: my last Shadow Word got spent on a Doomcaller, so he still had C'thun in his deck.

He thought he'd won.

C'thun duly came out again and left me on about 5 health and no board. What do I have left in the tank? Shadowreaper. So I grab 2 points of healing and play the Death Knight. I'm out of heals, low on health and we're both on fatigue, but I'm the only one with minions left in my hand. Y'shaarj didn't have a minion left to summon, but his 10/10 was all I needed.

Fun as it was, that game took over 20 minutes. I don't want Hearthstone games that last 20 minutes, and if I'd been the one of the receiving end of my performance I'd have been mad as hell. This meta is too slow, and I don't see any of the nerfs making it better.
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Hearthstone Players! 21 Sep 2017 16:33 #254573

Suggestions for people who don't want 20 minute Hearthstone games and are playing Big Priest deck.
1. Play a different deck. Maybe aggro hunter or Druid. Pirate warrior. Tempo Mage or Rogue
2. Mulligan for Barnes

Its getting extremely whiney in here when your deck draws like crap and you blame it on slow meta. The meta isn't any slower than every other game being against a Reno deck. Get over it
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